Are you waiting for Godot ?


Are you waiting for Godot ?

In English Literature, the domain of absurd drama has been perceived by most of the students who take my online class, to be either extremely difficult to relate or extremely interesting. The reactions to the creations of the absurdist have thus always been a subject of debate for all tutees internationally spread across the globe who take online class for the same. Let us consider the plot of “Waiting for Godot”, by Samuel Beckett. The two friends Vladimir and Estragon who are the main if not only two characters in the play are constantly seen to be waiting for a superior character named Godot and Godot is only represented on stage through the letters that he sends by a messenger who is a little boy who is responsible for having the notes of Godot delivered to Estragon and Vladimir each morning. Furthermore the only aspect that that is discussed about Vladimir and Estragon is that one of the have a difficulty in controlling their urine and needs to urinate very urgently. A meager text like this, and simply this has been extremely difficult for certain students who take my online class to find interest or meaning in. In fact for most of the students of the online classes who pursue higher studies in absurdum, they have found this text difficult, weird and an eccentric. But upon further explanation these students themselves have agreed that this absurd drama is indeed one of the best representations portrayed by any author in the modern times. Godot refers to the God and ‘ot’ refers to ‘lesser than’ or rather ‘minimized’ in Latin. Thus Godot refers to a smaller version of God, who is much lesser than God in power and dignity. Vladimir and Estragon are the two modern date humans who are eagerly waiting for their boss Godot. It is as though their job to wait for Godot every morning and it is the job of Godot to send a note through a child, the only innocent representative of Godot who carries Godot’s message to Estragon and Vladimir each morning, which says that he cannot come. Turning down Vladimir and Estragon is an usual but more pathetic is how they wait upon Godot everyday with the same vigor, it is much like the earth-mates of today who are eagerly waiting to get close to God. In fact even the problem of bladder for Vladimir is an indication that the present date population of humans are so incapable at reproduction that even their organ for procreation is seemingly malfunctioning. Thus it is such a lesson on the absurdum of the post-world era that is difficult to understand without taking the assistance of a professional online class for the same.


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