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“Art is about both creation and recreation”-What about option B?

It’s Black Friday, folks! Reading this blog sitting on that same couch where you sit and study the whole week after hours of wondering what to do on this holiday? You have landed at the right place. Keep reading.

Recreation is inclusive of a student’s routine who aims at being not only a successful person but a person healthy enough to enjoy his or her success as well. Recreating with physical activities not only awards you with better health and stamina, but also makes you a better student. Read on to find out how.

In the last few years, colleges have changed their infrastructure has greatly by including outdoor landscape spaces for student recreations. Irrespective of institutes being publicly owned or privately owned, creating spaces for students’ recreations have become elementary lately and this as a fact is indicative of how necessary recreation is to the college and university students of the present generation. Students are now made to be increasingly involved in recreational sports and this has led to a growing content among the learners of today. A recent survey revealed that students in the modern campuses who can participate in outdoor activities as a part of their instructed schedules itself are much more satisfied and enthusiastic about following their curriculums that they were a few years ago. Though there are variances among age groups and gender when it comes to expressing the love for recreational physical activities, the love is strong irrespectively.

It is in order to honor this love of yours for physical activities that we decided to make exercising more interesting for you through some integral tips. Making an allotment of 5 hours of exercise in a week might initially seem difficult. We know how busy you are, but trust us, after reading this blog it will seem no more as something herculean but more enjoyable indeed.


Exercising does not need a visit to the gym

In order to be healthy, all we need is to be active and spontaneous. Often we confuse exercising with going to the gym and in the fear of visiting the gym we end up sitting in the same position in our bean bags with a textbook and calorie kicking mug of coffee. Let’s change this trend. Take ten minutes to break six to seven times a day. Get up from your desk, take the stairs and go to the ground floor of your apartment. Stairs are tough? Walk to your favorite coffee shop near your college instead of booking a cab at a go, run in the evenings inside your college campus while you take a chat with your best buddy, read a book in plank position. Change your mundane activity patterns and make them interesting with a punch of exercise!


Get down on your feet

Most of us take buses or cabs to our colleges and universities. Get down a step ahead of your destination. Take a walk and schedule all your important thoughts of the day in that period. Try to make this walk alone to be able to concentrate more on your thoughts than on your fatigue.


Make weekends different

Are you not bored of the loud music, spicy fries and high in calorie beverages for weekends? Take a break. Redesign your weekends. Find some healthy food joint a little distant from your den. Walk up till there and have something delightful for both your brain and your tum. Visit relatives and friends from your childhood and walk to their homes from a stop ahead of your destination. Destroy every urge of the body to head to a nearby pub every weekend and bite on edibles rich in fats and carbs. Give your body a real party of healthiness!


Create formal work out groups

On social media, there are varied options to unite you with other such students in your locality who equally know that they need to exercise but don’t know where to begin from. Get them in a group and start discussing health as significantly as you discuss studies and events. Create a plan and hit the roads together for a short walk or early morning jogging session, create playlists for work out and share links of the same, spread motivational quotes to boost the members. After all the agenda is your health.

Be focused, be healthy!

In the present date under the pressure of performing better with each passing day, students often forget their responsibilities to their own selves, their health. With a minimal period of exercise each day you can boost your focus, the capability to remember with more fresh blood to your brains, be more immune to illnesses and meet up to timelines, and most importantly carry a brilliant mood to the battleground, your campus.


Start today…after all it’s never late enough to exercise a little.

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