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From College to success-the road was not easy

Life is difficult for every mortal. Yet some of us make it to the top and some don’t. The faculties of Assignment Homework believe that potentials lay hidden in each of us, and it is only with the right direction received from the correct guide at the right time that can take us towards a better future. The ones who reached the pinnacle of success have not reached it in a day and they too received improvised guidance from their teachers and instructors which led them to where they are now.
In this blog thus we decided to share with you the brief graduation tales of some of the eminent personalities who have been inspiring the youth since ages.
Stephen Hawking
This renowned physicist pursued his Graduation from Oxford and his Doctorates from Cambridge University. His exemplary works on gravitational singularity and radiation emitted by black holes are popular today all across the world. Much of these work he began while pursuing his college degrees. His famous masterpiece “A Brief History of Time” addressed the theories he designed all over his life while he was as well suffering amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Barack Obama
The ex-president of the US had begun his career as a lawyer residing in the field of civil rights and completed his schooling from colleges like Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard University. In his career of being a politician, he had served in the Illinois State Senate. It was much later that this leader joined the US Senate and was elected as the president of the United States in 2008 and 2012.

Hans Zimmer
The composer today has a fan base all over the world. He had begun creating his innovative compositions when he was learning composing music in a school in London. It was later in his life that he has begun working on solo albums. It was much later in life that his orchestral arrangements made him renowned as the father of electronic music. Today the background scores he has designed for instance that of Gladiator, The Last Samurai are renowned across the globe but little do we know that Zimmer began his schooling in the Heartwood School.

Steven Spielberg
The directors’ Lord, this gem of a director had begun pursuing his career of filmmaking at California State University in Long Beach. Spielberg is famous for the use of sci-fi technology in his films and making creatures and concepts come alive on the screen. His famous creations like Schindler’s list, the Color Purple, and the Bridge of Spies has made him a benchmark among the directors of contemporary times.

Steve Jobs

This technology inventor who pursued his degrees in the Reed College had been exhibiting his proficiency in the fronts of electronics and gadgets. Being the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. was not an overnight miracle for him. He began his career in a garage. His brilliant innovations as we see in his creations like i-macs, i-phones, and i-pads have transformed the lives of the general masses over the ages.
Greatness lies in your potentials as well. All you need is to seek the source of light.

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