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Consequences of Plagiarism

To begin with, “Plagiarism” is a crime. There can be no better way to summarise Plagiarism as an act of students that is unacceptable irrespective of whichever perspective we consider it from. Ascribing someone else’s narrative, diction, content, research, writing style as one’s own is similar to stealing someone else’s property and calling it one’s own. Credibly owning something that is certainly someone else’s effort and calling it one’s own for academic purposes fetch’s a person his or her necessary degrees without the effort that is requisite in order to earn the same.

With the years the plagiarists among students, especially the university students have increased considerably enough. Similarly on the other hand the soft-wares that can detect plague are as well increasing. The consequences of Plagiarism can lead a student to be suspended from the academic term for now and all. More integrally after a certain student gets accused of plagiarism, all his works are then subjected to be looked at with suspicion killing the morale of the student. It is thus as well believed by certain professors that admitting ignorance is definitely better than being caught for Plagiarism.

Let us consider certain common circumstances that may follow plagiarism.

Damage in student reputation

Once a pupil studying in a University is caught for Plagiarism he or she is suspended from the system and most integrally the student cannot join back into any other organization for further education. The academic report of the students shall be scarred and this shall follow them as a shadow from their past even into their careers.

Career image devastated
Every student looks forward towards a career. However plagiarism is a crime capable enough to put a pause on that dream. Any profession irrespective of the industry will incur a strong prohibition against a person who has been subjected to Plagiarism in their student life. Through the academic tenure if a person is unable to create answers in their own language then they must have had a deficit in their knowledge earning, which led them to copy the works of other scholars. And thus this reflects on their inability to create original reports further for their firms as well.

Law and order violence
Any punishable crime has legal repercussions involved with it. Similar is the case for Plagiarism. The copyright laws associated with certain well researched documents often lead to the plagiarist fall into trouble. It is obvious that an author who has published some highly researched information on a certain topic in the internet will not want his or hard work to be stolen by some other individual who did not spend financially or psychologically into this project. Thus students could as well be subjected to legal punishments other than university suspension on being caught to have plagiarized.
It is essential to understand that Plagiarists are a threat to each one of us equally. Not only are they reproducing the work of other scholars as their own and pausing the creative cycle but they are as well creating false impressions of knowledge that can later lead on to faulty researches and flawed reports. Before it starts affecting each of us not only perpetually but directly as well, we need to say ‘No’ to plagiarism.
Its better late than never.

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