Critically Analyzing Affirmative Action


Critically Analyzing Affirmative Action

Human society is by no means uniform. It is beset by a number of cleavages and stratified gulfs separating mankind into distinct groups. These groups occupy different stations in life which operate as a form of symbolic capital. However, when certain groups are disadvantaged as a result of certain innate factors which are unchangeable, it amounts to the gravest form of prejudice. Political Science Assignment Help aid in providing a comprehensive account of such injustices meted out to certain groups as they reflect a severe lacuna on the part of the political authorities in meeting the goal of equality and justice. Political Science Assignment Help unleashes crucial views pertaining to different aspects of a topic which would in a way assist in future research and construction of viable arguments on the issue.

The feasibility of affirmative action for the purpose of redressing the grievances of racial minorities in particular serves as one such potential issue. These groups more often than not experience threats or real incidents of discrimination and prejudice and thus these acts of protective discrimination aims at providing a kind of a safety net which would help to ameliorate their position.

A major criticism against affirmative action is in terms of the failure of these actions to provide respite to people who are in real need of external help. It has been alleged that the benefits which accrue from affirmative action are wrongly appropriated by the well-off within the marginalized community. It was the middle class within this group who were best in a position to seize the newly found opportunities in education, business and politics. It accorded them greater social mobility while the lower rungs continued to languish in acute poverty.

A second line of argument prevails to the attitude of the society towards the Black community in general and these policies in particular. Affirmative action may propel admittance; however, it may not necessarily result in integration. Individuals who climb the social ladder by virtue of riding on the back of such policies are often accorded minimal self-respect and questionable peer acceptance. They are often seen as usurpers of the positions of other deserving candidates.

Even so it is important to realize that affirmative action cannot be regarded as a magic wand which would result in the termination of poverty and achievement of equality for the Black community overnight, however, the way racial politics has evolved in the American soil, it is certain that in the absence of affirmative action, racial and sexual discrimination would simply be provided with more teeth. Affirmative action may not succeed to be truly a messianic force in the lives of the marginalized; however, in its absence the problems faced by these communities would be accentuated further rendering them even more vulnerable.

Political Science Assignment Help by assessing the myriad aspects of an issue helps to provide a nuanced perspective on the issue. It has the potential to serve as the best platform of online homework help assisting in delivering the best kind of research material for the purpose of obtaining comprehensive knowledge on ongoing political issues.

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