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Feminism – An Ambiguity or A Title Endorsing Women Empowerment?

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” – Brigham Young“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” – Brigham Young

What is feminism exactly? A basic right of women on the basis of sexual equality – well that is one common definition known by more or less all. The first question that will come up to your mind will be – what are the women rights? Prior answering the question, it is essential to say that women empowerment and women rights are always judged on the basis of sexual equality. That is doubtlessly one way of identifying the true meaning of women empowerment. However, a grave thought can encourage your mind to find answers of some of the crucial questions regarding the fundamental concept of feminism. One of which can be – does feminism means hating the other sex? Well, empowerment of a distinct sex does never mean disrespecting the other one, which may be always having a favorable side. In the contemporary world of 21st century, the concept of feminism has somewhere trapped itself in a paradox. The concept of feminism is now applied through adopting bold fashion statement only. You can find a handful of women in the society who introduce themselves to be the epitome of feminism and write long blogs on women empowerment on the internet. However, when they see another women doing something better than them or catching the attention of another man, they never stop themselves from making ill-criticisms about her.

The point is, the core concept of feminism has never suggested practicing dichotomy, which certainly most of the urban women of our contemporary society is pursuing. At times, they give long speeches on the rights of women, on becoming empowered, but at the next you will see most of them doing something that is completely opposite of what the fundamental feministic aspect holds. Feminism should be used for improvising the condition of the basic rights of women such as improving pay grade, workplace discrimination or stopping domestic and sexual violence. Feminism should be used for maximizing the power of those women whose thoughts are still manipulated by the domestic patriarchy. Certainly, feminism does not mean wearing something vulgar and claiming it to be an empowered status! We should perceive feminism to be a powerful weapon for maintaining sexual equilibrium. Nowadays everyone says “hey! I am feminist”, but do them really act so? The paradox of feminism is that the concept is repeatedly being used for pursuing war against the male sex.

So from the next time, if you are going to call yourself to be a true feminist start improvising the status of your home and then from your workplace. Remember, feminism is concerned about upholding the equal position of women only, be it in home or in workplace, does not matter.


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