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A Good Manager- Shouts Less, Communicates More

The word – “management” does not hold the meaning of a boss but of a leader. Now, it may create confusion about the fact that the aforementioned words are synonymous. Actually, they don’t. In any organizational field, leader is someone who works with the employees, identifies their flaws, communicate those flaws and motivate them so that they can give their best. Now, the word “boss” more does have an authoritative undertone and hence indicative of an individual who makes order, does not cooperate and acts as if he/she owns the subordinates. The word thus depicts meaning of more of a master-slave relation.

Place yourself in the position of an employee and think about the fundamental aspects you expect from your manager. The first thing that will come up to your mind will be – support. If the whole perspective of effective management can be considered from the point of view of the transformational leadership theory, then it can be said that a leader is someone who motivates. Remember, a boss always shouts to materialize his orders, while a leader communicates in a friendly nature to get the things done. Here, one can also consider the transactional theory of leadership or management that says – a leader should always control his/her subordinates through the weapon of reward or punishment. Well, that is indeed an effective way to accomplish desired productivity from the employees though without holding a supportive nature, it not possible to control employee behavior through rewards and penalties.

One essential thing to keep in mind in this respect that communication in the managerial level does mean being friendly though it does not mean being too casual so you can lose control over your subordinates. Communication should be done in a friendly way and should chiefly relate to the professional field. Now you may think about what a manager can communicate about. Well, a manager with the help of verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills should talk about Work related issues, achievements of the employee if they have done any, their well-being and most importantly, whether they are achieving a proper work/life balance or not.

The first thing that should be kept in mind to act as a good manager is, to stay transparent regarding the feedbacks. For that a manager should behold a positive yet potential approach, which can be used to successfully motivate employees as well as to take actions against improper workplace behavior and to counsel employee minds.

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