how to present in PowerPoint?

9 Brilliant Hacks on How to Present in Powerpoint!

Writing a perfect presentation may seem tedious, but here are a few tips on making an excellent presentation! Go through them, and you will know how to make a good presentation!

The ultimate guide on how to present in powerpoint –

If you don’t know how to present in powerpoint, you will have all your questions answered by the time you reach the end. We have broken down how to present in powerpoint in nine easy steps!

Write a script first:
  • Before putting your words on the slides, you should have an entire script documented for yourself. Having a hand will help you slide segregation and delivery of the speech.
  • Starting your writing with a story narrative is a significant key to grabbing the audience’s attention. This helps you create a proper build-up for your presentation, and this is the basics of how to make a perfect presentation.
  • Divide the script into small and precise segments. Small segments will help you explain better and let your audience connect to you better.
Add some bullet points:
  • State the key points in bullets. This will help you to catch the cue.
  • Bullet points help you create a better impact on your audience. This will help your audience get a better understanding.
  • Bullet points should be concise and should explain your plan. The more concise your topics are, the better is its impact on your audience. This is how to make a good presentation.
Use minimal text:
  • Fewer words and more pictures create a powerful impact on your audience. Making each slide more about the picture depictions of your thoughts is better than using words.
  • Using minimal words may often seem complicated, but once you pen down your key points, it will automatically help you explain through minimal words. These are effective tips for a powerpoint presentation.
Make sure your slides are easily readable:
  • Use fonts that are clear and easy to read. This helps your audience to catch it better and focus on your speech more.
  • The font size should be easily readable from a distance and not a hustle to understand from a distance.
  • Easy to read slides will not only help your audience to focus more but will also help you to get a hold of your speech while explaining the slides. This is another hack on how to present.

Use colors in your presentation

Make use of color, but don’t overdo it:
  • Colorful slides have a better impact as visuals and stay in mind for a longer time.
  • Using a particular color scheme throughout makes it more appealing and sets a specific path in your audience’s mind. Make sure not to use excessive colors as it will make it look too loud and less impactful and create creative presentations.
Highlight your most important points with larger text:
  • While dividing your slides, make sure to highlight the essential points.
  • Make sure not to keep more than 2-3 important points in a single slide. You can either use larger text or bold the crucial points to catch your audience’s attention.
Repeat the most important ideas on multiple slides:
  • Repeating important points multiple times makes an impact on the audience’s minds.
  • Repeat key points in alternative slides to bring back the audience to connect with the previous slides. This helps the audience to recall your agenda.
  • Repeating important points will also have a long-term effect on your audience, and they will tend to remember your slides better.
Making a good presentation requires creativity and practice:
  • As we all know, practice makes a man perfect; your flow gets better with time. Keep on practicing and making presentations.
  • Work on your script and try to use patterns that has more impact!
  • Practice delivering the speech along with the slides. This will help you have more confidence and make it more impactful.

Summaries your entire presentation in the last slide.

The last slide should be impactful:
  • The last slide has the maximum effect on the audience, and it should be the most powerful one.
  • The last slide should conclude your entire presentation and summaries all the essential points of the presentation, and this is the key point on how to present in powerpoint.
  •  If you can end with the story narrative that you started with, it helps to develop a connection from the beginning to the end and better impact your presentation.
All is well that ends well –

With all the above points in mind, try to practice and be clearer on how to present in powerpoint. We hope that we have answered all your questions about how to present in powerpoint. For more such facts and trivia, approach us HERE or follow us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

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