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How To Write a Good Dissertation

A dissertation is a project like a long essay which students submit at the end of their academic year of their doctoral/post graduate study. It is an important part of a student’s master’s or doctoral program which requires a lot of hard work and focus. Dissertation requires a number of important steps to be completed before the final submission. Students need to understand the dissertation guidelines and requirements before they start with the project. The first step to a good dissertation is preparation of a good outline and sorting out the references that shall be used for writing the dissertation. It is important to understand that dissertation is more about reading and researching extensively than just writing down the essay. The dissertation must reflect a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and the topic.

A good dissertation must include a proper outline of the points and sub-points which shall then be turned into drafts for improvement. A dissertation cannot be prepared in a short period of time because it requires much research work and step by step solution. Determination and seriousness are two important factors needed to write a good dissertation.

A dissertation must be completely owned by the person writing which means that it should show uniqueness and substantiality. It should be devoid of any plagiarism and must be original in nature.

The first part of a dissertation includes the abstract and introduction. This is a very important part since it creates an impression in the mind of the reader about what the topic is, what is the thesis and how the dissertation shall flow. Literature review is the second part of the dissertation which includes the research work already done on the topic by various authors and how they can be argued with modern research today. Specific references are needed in this section to elaborate the past and current studies.

Then comes the main part of the whole dissertation which is the research analysis and findings. The main aim of this part is to elaborate further on the research question and arranging the evidence found from various research findings, methodology, quantitative and qualitative assessments and critical thinking. Merely giving descriptions about the facts and not elaborating on them would not be advisable. It is important that the research question and thesis are kept in mind at every step. Concrete and substantial analysis with proper referencing and citations are extremely important for a dissertation to be of a certain standard. It should be taken into account that the entire essay should reflect a great command over the language, with proper grammar and sentence structures; it should reflect a proper tone as well.

Dissertations are important pieces of academic work and have a certain standard which reflects how much a student has learnt from the course and the instructors. Dissertations should always be consistent yet simple and easy to comprehend by the readers and academicians so that it can be used for future research work and add to the value of the topic.

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