How to write a good resume

7 Easy Tips On How To Write A Good Resume?

If you are trying to figure out how to write a good resume then you are just at the right place! By the time you reach the end of this blog, you would find all the answers of how to write a good resume.

Here are 7 points on how to shape a good resume!

These are few things that you need to figure out to create a good resume. All you need to do is follow these steps and your good resume will be on your desk.

1.Understand yourself and your career.

To start with take a few moments to understand yourself and your career. You need to determine what are your strengths, what kind of a position are you aiming for and you need to have a clear vision about your career. Research about all the positions (jobs/colleges/university) that you would like to apply for and summaries your perceptions into few lines and put it under the section of Objectives.

2.Understand the position you are applying for.

Be it a college/university/job, you need to have a clear vision about the esteemed institution or organization. If possible, try to find out who will be reading your resume and try to include key words that would be relevant and appealing. Give pen points that they are looking for, that adds a push to resume to surpass the other applicants.

3.Research about the college/university/company.

You need to have clarity in your research, you need to analyze the institute’s or organization’s services, products, students, clients, executives, reputation. In short be as thorough as you can be. That not only helps in formulating your resume but also gives you a better place of judgement.

4.Customize your resume.

A good resume should be a representation of your personality and strength. Add some personal touch in your resume and keep these points in mind while drafting your resume.

    • Get organized: Now that you have all the information and ideas that you need, start drafting a particular format that would make your resume precise and compact. You can follow a particular chronological order or a specific segregation that would highlight your strengths. Make sure your presentation catches the eyes of the reader and focuses on all your qualities.
    • Update your resume: Make sure you update and customize your resume as per the needs of your position. Do not use the same resume again and again, that decreases the impact of your resume.
    • Sectionalize your resume: Divide your resume into proper sections highlighting the keywords as required by the institution or the organization. Do not forget to make it short, precise and to the point.
    • Highlight your strengths: Take a few moments to drop in your expertise and give them more reasons to remember your resume. Try to include points that help you to stand out. Make your resume unique, to the point and easy to read.
    • Use a good template: Use a good format or template that looks decent, professional and impactful.
    • Contact Details: Make sure to include genuine contact details that you check regularly and avoid providing any kind of false information.
5.Proofread your resume more than twice.

Make sure you go through your resume more than twice. Avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and try to maintain a particular font type and font size. In short maintain uniformity overall. The more appealing is the presentation the more will be the chances of leaving an impact.

6.Write a cover letter that’s just right.

Make sure to include a cover letter that gives your esteemed institute or organization the clarity of who you are, what are your qualities that would be beneficial for them and include few achievements at par with the requirements of the position you are applying for.

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