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No Label, No Slogan, No Party, No Skin Color

Need guidance on debatable topics civil rights movement? No worries. Assignment homework help service providers are there to offer proper guidance on such topics of history. History is incomplete without debates. There are thousand questions that could be asked for one particular topic. History has no limitations on interpretations. Therefore, it can be sometimes difficult to frame your interpretations in proper assignments. When you resort to the writing experts to avail homework help online, they make sure to fulfill these shortcomings in your assignments. History assignment homework help experts provide their expertise on writing debatable topics like the one below to make your assignment stand out from others.

“No label, no party, no skin color, and indeed no religion is more important than the human being”. These words were written by James Baldwin. James Baldwin along with Malcolm X was significant people of the Civil Rights movement. Baldwin has painted a moving picture of black life before the desegregation in his essays and books. Baldwin was left with deeper stand in his experiments and observations which Americans were able to relate with. Readers were able to relate with his readings and his realism touched a sensitive chord with listeners and readers across the whole country. James Baldwin became a unique figure in the civil rights movement. He was unique because of his less optimistic nature than that of Martin Luther King Jr. and because of being too peaceful for the followers of Malcolm X. But he stands out for another of his feature and that was his public dialogue “No label, no party, no skin color, and indeed no religion is more important than the human being”. His dialogue with iconic black leaders helped to change our vision for an equal and fair America. He was later joined by Malcolm X while being in the prison and after he was released, he emerged to become the most outspoken civil rights leader and advocates of Black Nationalism.

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