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College reservation and bribery corrupts down the US university standards: What about the innocents?

The turmoil in the United States’ realm of education is no more a myth. The education system in US was brought to shame once the bribery accepting clause of about eight integral universities around US were busted few days back. Eight universities were accused of having contrived a brilliantly corrupt scheme of cheating on the protocols of the education system that was taking unfair bribes from the upper class parents in order reserve the seats of their children in these particular universities.

Situated in the Jersey City, of New Jersey, the university has been offering over 40 undergraduate degrees to a range of students who are coming from all corners of the world and a varied range of cultures as well since 1927. The university as well offers a range of above 30 graduate degrees to a huge norm of international students as well the

The universities are now under the strict investigation of the US Education Department. They shall be judged. They might be convicted. Or they might as well be bailed out with certain major compensations to be paid as penalties. Then they shall be released. Or worse enough they might not be punished as well as they can pay huge amounts as bail fees. Everything shall be restored to normal in some days. What then? What would be next? The celeb kids might have to change their colleges and get admitted to some other university, the education curriculums of these universities might be brought to a pause for some time. The educational tenures of all the students admitted in these universities might be brought down to a standstill. Yes, the celeb kids deserve it. Certainly. But what about the real meritorious ones whose parents themselves had to work day in and day out in order to arrange the resources that are required in order to study in these universities?.

The Department of Education has mailed letters to The Associated Press, and their preliminary set of investigations has concluded that these universities were guilty in the act. Investigations shall run further to reveal if the process has affected the Federal Student’s Aid as well. However, the proceedings in the investigations are not yet confirmed from the higher authorities. The 40 celebrities whose names came up in the list of having bribed the university laws were college sport coaches, athletes, film celebrities and other elite members. The universities that were caught to be involved in the act were the universities of Yale, Wake Forest, Stanford, Georgetown, Southern California, San Diego, Texas, Austin, California, and Los Angeles. The universities have been asked to submit all the relevant details and employee information within a given deadline. The case shall be executed only once the same occurs.

These universities had several students as well who were not involved in any unfair practices yet they will be in the receiving end of the punishments whatever is faced by the universities. Their educations might come down to a pause from where there can be no reversal as the time rather the tenure of educational progress that they shall lose in the process cannot be brought back. The turmoil that these universities shall go through now is inevitable and certainly shall have its shadow on the students inclusive of the ones who participated and the ones who did not participate in the corrupt act.

The uncorrupted students who had been a part of the universities will now be subjected to questions regarding the authenticity of their admissions in every possible career ventures that they step into. They will be subjected to more rigid speculations at every point of their lives since the institution that they were studying in had indulged in such mal practices. The alumni team as well as the future pass outs will be under the social eye of doubt irrespective of the fact that they financially as well as with the resources like time and brain have invested themselves completely in reaching where they are today.

Question thus stays who or what will pay back for the same?

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