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Say ‘hi’ to Handsome Mr. Monday.

When you wake up after snoozing the Monday morning alarm for the umpteenth time, does your mind speak out on disbelief saying, hey; was it not Friday just a few minutes ago? If yes, then you have landed at the right place, carry on reading.

We know it’s difficult to fall in love with Mondays but once you reach the end of this blog your mindset will certainly be changed.

First, let us focus on the root cause as to why the very day Monday seems to be sending out a blue vibe more than all other working days to you. According to a recent research by Redbooth, a virtual operational tool and interactive platform, though in the life of the youth of today, be it as students or as employees, the ebb of work seems to be the highest through the weekends, in terms of productivity, it is Monday when productive miracles mostly take place. Yet Monday is most infamous among the students. A big reason that contributes to this growing dislike is since it is this day that invokes students back to their classes after a retardation of performance pace that they go through the weekends. Though the logic is comprehensible for not loving Mondays and we all have passed through several such Mondays, the scenario can be reversed with some basic flips in your lifestyle. Let’s begin the evolution,

Weekends are essential

Often while exploring the causes for which Mondays are least pleasurable for us, the underlying causes are in the ways you spend your Saturdays and Sundays. Weekends are an integral part of your life. After all, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. When you work down your weekends it is obvious that your body clock does not receive the break that it requires. Thus try to wrap up your due assignments and discussions as well as peers within Friday. The weekends are extremely essential to reboot your mind and help it restart on Monday with a fresh vigor.

You were not born to sleep

We have all heard this once or twice in our classes through our educational lives, from some of our Professor. Now it’s time to imply the same on our weekends as well. We often tend to sleep away our weekends for hours and when Sunday night comes we tend to cry over the spilt weekend which again is of no use. Sleep is definitely necessary but weekends can be much more productive based on how we plan them.  We can plan day trips, go for outdoor activities, visit some charity home, or meet up our close ones. The youth of today are forgetting they are young and that youth is not to be slept away especially on weekends.


Sunday is not just for the frolic

None of us like to think about the due assignments ahead on weekends, and resultantly thus try to stay away from our very study rooms and accessories. Let’s change this. Like decorating the house for Santa Clause is a must for children on Christmas Eve, on Sundays keep some time to arrange your books, your stationeries and other integrals in place, planning the clothes you feel like wearing in the week ahead to college and seeing to whether they are washed and ironed to give you that creaseless look on Mondays. Unknowingly you have sorted more than half of your troubles and saved up almost three to four productive hours of the week ahead.

Wake Up earlier


Well reading this one might initially make you feel worse about Mondays but Monday mornings are just a part of Mr. Monday. So on Monday mornings wake up just a little earlier than usual to make the rest of the day wonderful. These few minutes will seem divine when you can soothingly plan your day ahead and get ready for college not as a hustle but as a warm-up process. So glam up each Monday and step out looking and feeling your best.


The revolution would begin once you start your brief affair with handsome Mr. Monday. Mondays are a fresh start towards expressing how strong you have become with another new week of your life. Create some achievements that add more meaningful happiness to your Friday evenings. Each Monday is a new beginning. Enter your college as a clean slate and let your mind start working on its miracles.

Begin evolving. Begin loving Mr. Monday. He is not that ugly after all if you are prudent enough.




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