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The Secret Sauce for Consistent Happiness

I feel that the modern society has not advanced in terms of mental development. Only the technological advancement has a huge impact in terms of advancement. But still we are dependent on some thing or the other and prevent ourselves from taking the risk of getting things done on our own. People have not changed. The problems that we are facing now were present in the times earlier too. One of these problems is that we have turned out to be very needy creatures. And you will wonder that why is that a problem? I’ll tell you why. Self-reliance is that core characteristic that a human being can start practicing if he or she wants to achieve consistent happiness. The purpose of life is not happiness, but it is important for us to be happy if we want to achieve what we want to achieve. If you are wondering whether you are self-reliant or not, then ask yourselves these basic questions:

  • Do you depend on your romantic partner for happiness?
  • Do you think without your friends you won’t be able to get forth?
  • Do you expect that your boss will be always financially supportive and helpful?
  • Do you find yourself in jitters when you cannot solve a math problem without the help of your teacher?
  • Do you feel very low when you are ignored by your colleagues?
  • Do you find it difficult when you are in the middle of some problem and you seek support to boost you up?

I cannot say that I am completely immune to these thoughts but there are times when I feel this way too. In fact, the answer to most of these questions was positive. We rely so much on our surroundings that we sometimes lose our own importance in our own life. The moment we are born, we are dependent on our parents. But this habit sort of grows instead of fading. And we look for outward sources for love, advice, happiness, approval, affection and so on. Instead, trust yourself and give yourself a chance. Life is not so easy, but it is neither too difficult too. Make use of the unpredictable moments. Becoming needy is a sign that you are damaging your relationship in the long run. Try to solve your problems on your own. Try to solve those math problems on your own by consulting the online homework help in the internet. There are so many sites and online tutors who can help you. Make your travel plans, read a good book, try to prepare new delicacies, talk to wise people, learn to take charge of your emotions, take note of your failures, separate yourself from everything, get comfortable and live without regrets. If you cannot love and rely on yourself, no outside source can give you happiness.


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