Snowballs, treasure hunts, carols and blessings-now that’s what we cook an unforgettable Christmas Eve with! | Assignment Homework


Snowballs, treasure hunts, carols and blessings-now that’s what we cook an unforgettable Christmas Eve with!

Tired with the conventional rituals of Christmas Eve and being nostalgic with memories and no action? Wondering how to spend the eve this year with some novelties blended with unique galore? You have landed in the correct runway. Here are some super fun ideas ahead to make your Christmas eve unforgettable this year, ideas that are cost effective and yet mostly untried!

Snowball fights, a forgotten delight!

When was the last craziest snowball fight that you were an active part of? When did you last build a snowman with a carrot as a nose? If it takes you more than five seconds to answer this then you know what your first priority is this Christmas eve. Begin your Christmas eve outdoors with your near and dear ones and begin the snowball throwing so abrupt that all are caught by surprise by this new avatar of yours this Christmas. Turn the white snow covered grounds to a wonderland and revisit your childhood with some innocent fun out in the snow and the sun. Take pictures of yourself and your folks after the game and keep those pictures in your family album with a fun tagline. After all Christmas is about gifting and your old playful self is the best gift you can give to those who matter to you.

Hunt for the treasure, after all even Santa is getting smarter!

Before you are done with sprinkling reindeer dust over the floor, do something un-cliché for your guests this year. Plant your gifts at clued destinations. Treasure Hunt never came with age fixations. Your riddles could be made age compatible and so would be the gifts. You being the host plant the gifts in different places of your home and watch the fun after leading your guests with the clue that they shall find in the stockings this year, instead of the gifts. Keep no age bar this Christmas and involve each of your close ones in this game irrespective of their ages with individually compatible riddles. Prove this Christmas that age is just a number and that true celebration only makes you younger with time.



Silent Night no more silent!

Since New Year it has always been a ritual for a mass to gather around the Washington Square’s beautifully decorated Christmas tree and revel in Christmas carols together exactly at 5 pm. Wondering how to reach there? We ask you, is reaching there necessary? With your near and dear ones gathered around your illuminated Christmas tree and transform your own abode into something divine and cozy. Begin with carols that are chimed and peaceful like “Silent night, holy night” and end on notes that are gleefully joyous. If you have a more enthusiastic audience be free and dance along on carols like “Rudolph, a red nose reindeer”. It’s the spirit that matters not the venue.

Smiles are priceless gifts

It is during the festivities that we often tend to focus on our smiles and the smiles of our near and dear ones more than ever through the year. But what about those who do not have anyone near and dear, and even if they do they are either not well to do or have forgotten them a long time? Ever wondered how painfully pinching Christmas is for them? Do it this Christmas Eve. But wait. Don’t go into depression but take some action. Fill your car’s hood with some gift boxes of garments, comforters, dry fruits, wines and other cheerful gifts and head to the nearest old age or orphanage if not both and celebrate your Christmas eve spreading smiles and counting blessings. Don’t consider this as charity but as your duty towards yourself. The happiness that this trip will give you, the respect that you will earn in the eyes of your younger siblings is nothing compared to the expenses. So set your ground for building a better tomorrow this Christmas eve and make it more productive than ever before.

Life is a huge canvas of Christmases, where you get what you give. So use it to paint better Christmases with a better you ahead. Jingle!

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