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Studying History in US: Where to head to?

Does the past intrigue you? Do you realize when you visit history museums and historic sites , that it is only from our past that we can come across the faults we committed in the past, learn from them and build a better future? It is with a better and evolved understanding of the past that we can truly plan of affecting our future. When you choose to study history as a subject in the United States, it is only then that you learn how to affect the future in a positive way, through reading certain integral works by some eminent historians and philosophers. Pursuing a career in history can open up your future in several directions, for instance being an archivist, or a curator. On the other hand you may as well choose options of becoming a professional teacher in the schools of United States or a Historian who can assist the US government in deciphering the history of the world and the United States better.

Here thus we have enlisted the top four universities with their history departments in the United States, where you can pursue your higher studies in History for some great career opportunities.

Princeton University

The Princeton University was established in the year 1746. This college of New Jersey is one among the first few colleges established North America. The college earned the status of being a university much later in the year 1896. Today the Princeton University aces among the universities that provide the students in the United States with a brilliant department of History that believes in teaching the subject not only within the classroom but as well in history museums and historic sites. The varieties of degrees that are offered in this university for the lovers of history are another prime reason that we ranked this university among the first few destinations of studying history, for instance the African American History since Emancipation Course; the Memory, history and archive Course; The Greek World in the Hellenistic Age et al. The Neo-Gothic Dickinson Hall is the allocated Department of History in the Princeton University and the graduate and undergraduate courses in History that are offered by the Princeton University are definitely a reason of its popularity, but the proficiency of its 60 and above faculty members in courses related to the history of the United States, Latin America, the Oriental East and Africa is what has led to the increased interest of student in enrolling here.

Stanford University

The history department in the Stanford University believes in creating courses that are highly analytical, interpretive and actively explains the interaction between past and present at the same time. The study of History is highly factual and the analysis of the same varies with the perspective that works behind explaining the aspects. The courses of studying History as offered by the Stanford University inculcated works of Historians from all across the globe and not only from the United States giving the study of the subject a broader spectrum. From understanding the importance and variation in the dependability of sources, allowing students to offer critical opinions on pursuing the same through communication is a major reason behind the popularity of the Stanford University And its department of history. The degrees offered by Stanford University are more oriented around the degrees, which are the Bachelor and Masters of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy.

Yale University

The Yale University allows History major as a subject to students who have a belief that the future can be modulated based on the impacts of the mistakes and right steps taken in the past. The study of History widely reveals the love of human kind for experimentation in both communal and individual scale as believed by the faculties of Yale University and it is necessary to keep this spirit of experimentation alive among the present date pursuers of history as well. The main pro of the Yale University that attracts the most crowds of young students is its incredible Library collection of primary and secondary sources. Furthermore the courses of History offered by the Yale University interact with the political and governmental growths that the nation is showing today. The college as well promotes visits to history museums and historic sites. Resultantly thus the history projects procured by the students of the Yale University have been known to score the highest originality score. Established in the year 1701 as a part of the Ivy League School the Yale University is one of the oldest universities present in United States today. It was since its very beginning that the faculty of the University in the department of classical studies and History started gaining popularity, and that legacy continues till this date.

Harvard University

The Harvard University is not just a university but a system in itself that is associated with a dozen other degree granting schools. Today the Harvard University issues graduation certificates to over 20,000 students. Over the world today there are over 360,000 alumni belonging to the Harvard University. Students of the Harvard University pursuing their higher studies in History are allowed to choose from three options of Joint concentration Programs. These joint concentration programs are basically curriculum that has syllabi that covers history of two different yet contemporary genres at the same time. The three joint concentration programs awarded by the Harvard University are that of: the Joint Concentration in Ancient History (Greek and Roman), the Joint Concentration in East Asian History, and the Joint Concentration in Near Eastern History. The undergraduate concentrator count of the university stays around 200 at any point of the year. The students pursuing the undergraduate degree with the subject of History can at the same time choose to prepare for their general examinations and teaching as fellow members as well as completing their dissertations through the phase. The history department at present holds a consistent count of above 130 graduate students pursuing the study of History.

To add on to your study of History and securing better chances a brighter career it is essential that you focus on certain related factors as well. For instance, learning certain other languages than English could add on to the pros of your resume. In fact it is not just in the case of pursuing a career in History but in any genre that a learning of a foreign language can assist you in growth. But in case of History it leads you to understanding of the original scriptures better rather than depending on the translated works of others which often rob the true essence of the historical script.

Lastly, being a student of history the more you read and process knowledge the better is your exposure to knowledge.

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